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         STD Awards from Customers
Year Awards
2010   Supplier Awards Best in Packaging from PTT Chemical Public company Limited
2009   Best Supplier & Service Award from P.S.P. Specialties Co.,Ltd.
2008   Supplier Award Best of the Best Momentive Performance Materials (Thailand) Limited.
2006   Excellent supplier from ExxonMobil Chemical (Thailand) Limited
1999   Certificate of Appreciation for Excellent contribution from Caltex Oil (Thailand) Limited
2010   ISO 14000:2004
Environmental Supply standard Environment Management System (EMS)


  ISO 9001:2008
Scope of Supply Manufacturing of 200 Litres Metal Drums Using Steel as Main Raw Material By Bureau Varitas Certification
  UN1A1n /X1.2/250/** THA/STD
Tight Head Steel drum (200, 60, 50, 30L) 
  UN1A2/Y400/S/** THA/STD    
  Open Head Steel drum (210L) 
  UN1A2/Y1.2/100/** THA/STD    
  Open Head Steel drum (200L) 
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